Nepeta cataria

The classical Greeks and Romans cultivated the Catnip herb for their precious cats thousands of years ago. Scientists have studied feline responses to it for centuries, intrigued by the ecstasy, abandonment and intoxication it induces.

Cats don’t analyse their love of Catnip, they do what cats do best – they simply enjoy it!

So it is for felines at Catnip Cattery, a unique boarding resort at Old Beach, Hobart, dedicated to offering only the finest accommodations, care and pampering for your special companion.

Devoted and loving owners will inform themselves of all that Catnip Cattery has to offer (and quite rightly so) while their beloved companions will luxuriate in the surroundings and pampering, and simply enjoy it.

If you have been searching for the ultimate in feline boarding then relax with this knowledge – you have found it.





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